Hill Havurahdcast

Havurahdcast #10 - Brenda Richardson and Sig Cohen (Cross River Dialogue)

Episode Summary

In this Havurahdcast, Rabbi Hannah interviews Havurah member (and founder) Sig Cohen, and Brenda Richardson. The two belong to the Cross River Dialogue, a circle of African American and Jewish community builders from both sides of the Anacostia River who meet regularly to share experiences, find common ground, and support each other. This interview was recorded before the social unrest exploded across the country, but while the conversation starts with the pandemic, it quickly shifts to deeper issues that come up in the Dialogue: police brutality, and social inequity, and the importance of building relationships and trust across lines of race and social class. The Havurahdcast is edited and produced by Jessica Smith. Artwork by Sarah Burford, @sarahmburford on Instagram. Original music by Rabbi Hannah Spiro.